Premium Positions

Front Cover, Back Cover, Inside Covers, Inside Back Cover.

Color Ad/ per issue. All rate are NET

Monthly Rates

Ad Size


6 Mo  5%

Agency 15%





Full Page




1/2 Page 




1/4 Page 




Advertisements assigned to premium positions are subject to creative approval prior to placement confirmation. The Publisher may reject or cancel any advertising for any reason at any time.

Color Space: CMYK only

Rich Black formula: Solid black backgrounds and graphics must use rich blackformula: Cyan 40%, Magenta 60%, Yellow 20%, Black 100%.

Image Resolution: 300 dpi at camera-ready image size

(images lose resolution as they are enlarged)

Preferred Format: All materials should be sent as Press Quality PDF to your Account Executive and/or Account Manager

Publication Trim Size: 9” x 10.875”

Live Area (text and images): 7.75” x 10.125”

3/8”in from top and bottom trim line
5/8”in from left and right trim line

Ryan Jack

Peerless Advertising Inc,

333 University Ave

Sacramento Ca 95825