Who Do We Send This Publication To?


Each publication is sent directly to 35,000 verified, high value businesses every month !  

Producers, Resellers, Governments, and Institutions

Producers are companies that purchase goods and services that they transform into other products and/or services. So business from restaurants, to your dentist, to construction companies.  All of these businesses have to buy certain products to produce the goods and services they create.

Resellers are companies that sell goods and services produced by other firms without materially changing them. These include businesses that are transportation, warehouses, building owners, wholesalers, brokers, and retailers.

Government. Many government entities specify that their agencies must award a certain amount of business to small businesses, minority- and women-owned businesses, and businesses owned by disabled veterans.

Institutional markets include nonprofit organizations, churches, hospitals, education, charitable organizations, private colleges, civic clubs.

Verifed & Qualified Businesses

Experience the power of elevated business opportunities with our monthly publication, Business Advantage Monthly. Carefully curated with relevant deals for local business owners, we deliver to a diverse range of sectors including Automotive, Real Estate, Construction, Education, Events, Government, Health & Wellness, Medical, Engineering, Architecture, Manufacturing, Transportation, Legal, Professional Services, Emerging Enterprises, Non-Profit Organizations, Sports & Recreation, Religious Establishments, Retailers, and Dining establishments.

Our Mailing list is verified and qualified using several data streams encompassing credit ratings, sales metrics, and organizational scale.  Our data is routinely run through a rigorous data hygiene process to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information possible.

Verified Business Data

US Businesses

The US Business database we use contains a total of 18 million verified businesses that are updated weekly and filtered by a variety of metrics such as Industry Group, Duns Financial Data, 1.5 M Sales Volume, Positive Credit Rating, Employee Count 5+ , 7+ Years In Business and Active Purchase History.

New Businesses

Updated with more than 50,000 new businesses added nationally each week, we update our database monthly. 

Quick Facts

• 183 million Business records from 2003 to present • 43 million active businesses nationally  • 16 million telephone verified • 27 million pre-verified •  Compiled from 4,000+ telephone directories and thousands of other sources • Most Accurate and up-to-date in the industry • Telephone verified • 35 million telephone calls placed in 2015 • Files are updated on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month • Out of business records removed daily • Quality is assured throughout compilation, verification and update processes

Highest Quality

The business data we use for our mailing lists are recognized as the best quality, most comprehensive and most accurate. A competitive audit conducted by an independent auditor, reported that, our provider is the industry leader in providing accurate business information.